egg bound does the production line get backed up?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by tuesdays chicks, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Hi here is what I think may have happened.... I was concerned that my bantam brahma hadn't laid for about a week, so I lifted her up and started feeling around her tummy to see if there was possibly a bound egg (not that I know what I'm feeling for) and I just felt below the vent area there was lumps and bumps but I don't know whats actually normal, well the very next day I got a extra large double yolk egg bigger than by BO egg, the day after that I got an egg missing it color and then yesterday I think I got 2 eggs from her, is this what happens with a bound egg?
    I know you will say could someone else lay those eggs, all my chickens are different since the double yolk egg was the only 1 laid that day it could of easily been the BO egg but for texture and color reasons I don't think it was hers, the pullet who lays brown eggs lays a very dark brown. I'm just thinking that huge egg was acting like a stopper and the eggs were building up behind it I think she is small for a bantam brahma and that was a very large egg.
    what say you?
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    Yes, it can happen. I've seen it happen. Poor hen Betty had 4 in one day once, most of which were screwed up one way or another. Thank goodness your hen was able to pass the eggs. If you ever suspect eggbound again, it sounds cruel but have the hen be in lots of darkness till resolved - that will help prevent other eggs from forming and backing up behind the stuck one.


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