egg bound hen acting fine?


9 Years
Aug 24, 2010
I noticed one of my girls is looking ratty and lost feathers bilaterally along her abdomen. I thought she might just be molting, although I thought everyone did it in the fall. I can't remember now if she did or not. I had just checked her for lice and mites and she looks clean. I had a worm test done at the vet in October and they were clear. Today I picked her up to check her out again and I noticed her abdominal skin is warm and reddish and her tummy feels distended. She's acting fine. The only think I can think of is that she might be at the beginning of being egg bound. Any ideas? I'm going to try the warm bath tonight and maybe get a pic of her tummy.
I bathed her and dried her. She's in the house in a dog box. Her crop was full, she drank her bath water (no soap) and pooped normally. She still has that bulging bottom below the vent.
She's about 3 and she has been laying. I don't recall seeing one from her lately though. She's my only Marans and I can spot her eggs.
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your doing all you can, I would continue with the soaks being sure to get her dry so she doesn't chill and keep her in a quiet, dark place and see if she passes it.. you can also massage her while soaking making sure to massage towards her vent.. and you can use olive oil or vaseline and lube up her vent inside and out to see if that helps.. keep posting back with any and all responses.. hang in there and hopefully she'll get it out.. Is her vent pulsating like she is trying to pass one?
I'm keeping her in a dog box in house. I didn't feel anything when I bathed her and the vent is not pulsing. I'm wondering if it's fluid in there. The weird thing is that she is acting just fine. She's actually bawking at me because she's mad and wants out. I think I'll call the vet.
calling the vet would be a good idea then hopefully you'll get the facts on whats going on.. there is something called ascites that is fluid build up in Hens, maybe roos too but I have only heard of it in hens, please let us know what you find out..
What happens with your hen? I think mine is egg bound but she is acting completely normal. Thanks

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