Egg Bound Hen passed. What more could I have done?


Jun 29, 2020
My last post explains the situation. She just passed.

She died so quickly. It’s only been 24 hours since I noticed her acting differently. The day prior she was out running around doing her thing w/ her sisters no signs of anything negative.

is there anything more I could have done? I gave her the calcium, gave her tums, gave her water from a syringe, gave her a warm epsom salt bath.

The only thing I didn’t do was try to put lubricant in her vent. I didn’t want to do that till tonight because I’ve never done it before & I didn’t want to hurt her or break the egg or idk what…

I just feel guilty. It happened so quickly.
Sometimes more intervention is worse and this might have been one of those cases. My mom had a hen like this recently (I started a thread here) and she ended up culling her after doing all the interventions including lubrication and trying to remove the egg. She determined she was just torturing the bird and ended it. I think you did your best and its good her suffering wasn't prolonged
So sorry for your loss. If it ever happens again, fluids, lots of fluids. Subcutaneous fluids would be best, but if you can't do that, tube them. Give 14 ml per pound orally once, wait 60-90 minutes and repeat. Once Hydrated, give calcium gluconate.

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