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9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
After having peas for almost 10 years, I have lost a hen to being egg bound. I love them all, but this one was my favorite. A beautiful purple white eye. I got her late last summer at the end of breeding season, so this was her first year laying for me. She would be turning four this hatching season. She was very petite and I don't know if that had anything to do with it. She layed about 2 eggs before the problem started. Then on the day she was due to lay she looked like she was going to lay, wings drooped, back hunched, but no egg. She just moped around but did move around, inside and outside, but when there she just stood there. The second night I was hopeful because she was in the nest. She slept there all egg and didn't perch as normal. She did this 2 days. I kept a close eye on her and did see her eat and drink. The next night she layed an egg and perched for the night. I examined her close and her wings and body were normal again, so I was relieved. The next afternoon she looked all droopy again. I figured it was very possible she would lay 2 nights in a row because I have heard that can happen. egg, but she did perch again, so I wasn't too worried. The next afternoon when I checked on her she was in the nest again. When I went up to her and pet her she got up and moved and there was no egg in the nest. A few hours later I went to do my daily evening run and found her dead in the nest with 2 eggs under her. She had creamy white liquid around her vent hole and the feathers around.

I am devastated. I just don't know why this happened. My birds have been cared for the same for 10 years with no issues like this. I am wondering if there is something I can do to help prevent this from ever happening again? I know nothing is full proof, but I want to do everything possible to try. What do you feed your birds to be sure they have enough calcium? I have heard of oyster shell being offered separate from being mixed in the feed. How is this done, in a separate feeder? Do the chickens eat it or is it desirable only to those who need calcium (if they do)? My feed has mixed cracked corn in it. I have been researching since this happened and read that somebody said do not feed corn during laying season because it can cause egg bound issues. Is this true?

Pixie was my only purple hen, I was so excited at getting my first purple babies this year. I wish I could replace her but my bank account just can't afford it. There is nobody close to me within driving distance.

Thanks for listening.

If I had any extra hens I would send her to you
I am sorry for your loss.
Thank you Yoda for that thought. It is very kind.

Thank you all. I do incubate eggs and I have the few I got from her in the incubator now. It is too early to know if they were fertile. Might anybody know of somebody selling purple hens in the Northern MN or surrounding area?

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