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Jul 22, 2014
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My buff Orpington is a little over a year, she's normally a good layer, however, about last month she stopted laying. We figured since it was getting hotter she was just taking a break. She has become egg bound and passed two parts of an egg seperatly yesterday. We have been bathing her, today she layed a no shell egg in the yard. I can feel a lump around her vent and it is swollen. She's back in the nesting box now, what can I do??
Give her calcium, aspirin, plenty of water, and keep her in a warm, humid room. A bathroom with a slowly running hot shower and a space heater is perfect. I have a hen that is having similar issues, and as far as I can gather online that's all you really can do. Also you can feel inside her vent for an egg with a libricated, gloved finger, and putting some lube in/around her vent may help.
Same problem here. Got great answer with these links.
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