Egg bound or broody on perch???


7 Years
Mar 14, 2013
One of my silkies started laying a couple of weeks ago. She was going really well and laying 6/7 days of the week. They have a perch about 10cms off the ground and she has always insisted on laying from the perch.

About 3 days ago she stopped laying and has been sitting on the same spot on the perch. I was worried that she was egg bound but then I thought that maybe she has gone broody on the perch???

I've seen her hop off a couple times to eat but she then goes straight back. I tried sitting her in anest box but she went straight back to the perch.

Any thoughts??
Never heard of a hen going broody on a perch, but if that is, in her mind, her nest site? Perhaps. Doe she fluff up and screech like a broody when you approach her on the perch?
This is my first broody (if she is) so I don't know what's 'normal'. I went and checked on her tonight and when I touched her she fluffed up every time and did make a funny that may be what you've described?? I had noticed she seemed 'cranky' the last couple of days as she was naking a very different noise.

The roost is actually a thick log so she's actually sitting on it
Sounds like it. My silkie gets quite cranky and they all sort of make this noise if we disturb them. We call it growling at us lol

Do you have a rooster? If not you might need to read up on breaking a broodie :)
Thanks! I'm really hoping she's just broody.

I do have a rooster but only 2 of my silkie pullets are laying so not an abundance of eggs. I was just putting them in the fridge as I wasn't expecting her to go broody so soon. She's only laid around 10 eggs lol.

I think I'll try and break her :(

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