Egg Bound White Sussex


7 Years
May 29, 2012
Hi Everyone - I'm new here but desperate to help my girl.

We have a white sussex, she is a tad over a year old. She has always laid eggs since we had her - but the last week she's become egg bound. My other half has had to help her get the egg out twice within a week by putting vaseline around her vent and massaging her tummy - she laid a egg for 2 days on her own and its happened again last night. She always has clean tonic water - a mixture of corn, pellets and grit available - I give them a bowl of layers mash with meal worms in each morning before work - with a chopped up lettuce and a bit of chopped up cucumber (as they are in there pen all day whilst we are at work with no access to green stuff). Although it has been hot this week here - what could we be doing wrong. I have looked on the internet and found that she may have a uterine infection - so we are going to take her to the vets for some antibiotics.

Any help much appriciated - we lost a chicken a few months ago due to her being egg bound and us not knowing what to do - don't want to lose another one.

Many thanks


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