Egg Bound with resulting prolapse--when to Cull?

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    I have a hen who became severely egg bound while I was out on Vacation last weekend. My house sitter was able to get the egg out intact (Friday eve), but my hen's behind is quite a mess.
    I came home on Sunday and helped her pass another egg (intact). I cleaned her up by soaking her behind as best I could. She had dried yolk and poop stuck to her vent/tissue, and she had a major prolapse with bleeding and what I would describe as hemorrhoids.
    I'm keeping her in a cage in a dark area with oyster shell and water to stop her from laying, but she is still prolapsed, even though I have pushed everything inside, and applied Preparation H (web site recommended for prolapse in chickens).
    My question is--can she recover from this, or do I need to cull her?
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    Can you post a picture?
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    It is certainly possible for her to survive. I've had one hen have a prolapse, and she's fine now. Continue applying the Preparation H and pushing it in if it comes out. You can also apply some honey or Witch Hazel-- both will help reduce inflamation and retract the prolapse.
  4. horsepowerhaven

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    Dec 20, 2009
    Queen Creek, Arizona
    I've only given her Oyster shell and water for the last couple days to keep her from laying. Her prolapse is severe. Although I have been treating it with Preparation H and Vetericyn every day, this huge portion of flesh keeps hanging out of her behind. I push it in, and it pops back out. It is the size of a large walnut.

    I can try to post a picture later when my boyfriend can help me. She is not showing any signs of improvement, other than feeling better.

    I think I may butcher her this weekend.
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    May 9, 2013
    Oyster shells DO NOT prevent laying,they are used when hens are laying to provide the extra calcium that they need to lay eggs. Without providing extra calcium,the calcium is depleted from their own bodies for egg production. Make sure you give oyster shells/crushed egg shells to ALL your laying hens.

    Make sure she is eating/drinking.

    You may need to wrap her bottom(similar to a diaper) to provide support/hold prolapse in place until it completely shrinks and returns to normal.
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    Queen Creek, Arizona
    I didn't mean that the Oyster shell was to stop her from laying. My research online said that they need the Oyster shell during a prolapse to help encourage the muscle to regain strength. Apparently lack of Calcium can cause muscle weakness when laying.

    It also stated to stop giving food for a couple days and keep in a dark environment to discourage laying in an attempt to let the tissue shrink back to normal.

    My hens receive a high quality layer feed with Calcium, as well as access to oyster shell at all times.

    If I wrap her bottom, how will she poop? I'll try to get a picture tonight after I clean her off.

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