Egg Bound


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Hi, our only dominque has been egg bound twice in the last week. She acts frantic, goes from place to place, panting and calling. Both times, we put her in warm water, she goes into the nesting box and lays quickly. My question is this, is this going to be a regular thing? She has been laying for 6 weeks or so.
What leads you to believe she's egg bound? Being extra vocal and pacing around before laying is a normal behavior for some chickens. An egg bound hen usually acts quiet and sickly with her feathers fluffed and her tail pumping.
She spends the time on the nest it would take to lay and doesn't lay. It is after this she seems to frantically look for a place to lay, vocalizing the whole time. Yesterday she threw herself sideways on some warm compost. It is different behavior. She also pants.
She does not scratch for food while she is doing this. Thanks. My orpingtons have never acted this way.....
first time chicken mom.
I'm really sorry to hear about your hen! You mentioned that putting her in a little water helped. Have you tried putting a dish or tray near the nest? Maybe she'd instinctively climb in for a quick soak and lay her egg. I'm fairly new (had chickens about 30 yrs ago, lol) at being back to having chickens. Sure seemed easier back then. ;D Good luck. Sherry
Some of mine run around like that, panting, etc. It seems like they just want a safe place to make their nest. Then there are the ones that stand like penguins and strain more than usual to lay their eggs, those I keep an eye on.
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Thank you both. I will keep watching her. Of course she is my favorite. The orps are different personalities. My other dominiques were killed by dogs. (one dog jumped the fence and the other dug under.)

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