Egg broke inside her: Treated seems better but is she?

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    Mar 18, 2012
    At bedtime, my 2.5 y/o California Grey hen who lays Jumbo eggs about 3 days a week was puffed, isolated and had yolk coming from her vent: I brought her in, gave her a bath and flushed the vent repeatedly with cool water. She passed what looked like some tiny shell fragments while in the bath. I also was massaging her abdomen a bit... sort of working it gently from front to back. I did not feel an egg.

    After her bath I held her in towels for a bit and then I blew her dry and put her in a dog crate in a dark bathroom. She was very subdued. The next morning I gave her 1/2 a crushed Tums mixed with about a Tablespoon of yogurt, fresh water and laying pellets.

    That afternoon (yesterday)I cam home to find her much more lively. She had laid a rubber egg. Also she had eaten some pellets but none of the yogurt so I put it on my finger and swiped a bit on her beak and she got very interested and ate quite a bit of it. She is pooing and much more alert though she still is content in the dog crate.

    This morning she got more yogurt and was all over it.

    I am inclined to keep her in so I can inspect what comes out of her more easily but how do I know when she is ready to go back out. Is the fact that she laid the rubber egg an indication that her egg laying system is OK now?

    Thanks I don't want to put her back out too soon

    FYI...don't know if this matters but The flock is fed an organic layer mixed with a 20% turkey crumble and they have free choice Oyster shell. This girl lays a more brittle egg and they are often ridged. They have always been like that.


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    I'm glad she seems to be doing okay. Most people suggest antibiotics to prevent infection, but my hens lay broken eggs and have not needed it yet.

    Best of luck!

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