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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Annadoodles, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Annadoodles

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Hey, I'm trying to think of a creative name for my fresh eggs business. I want it to be something different and modern...the egg puns seem a little overused. I was thinking along the lines of Keep Calm and Raise Chickens, or #fresheggs...I live at the beach, and my flock's in my backyard. Any ideas?
  2. chooks4life

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Stole the words right out of my mind lol, yes the egg puns are heavily overused. Not 100% sure but 'fresheggs' I think I recall was trademarked and there was some kerfuffle about it between two large companies --- but that may be only applicable to Australia.

    So, are they going to be organic? Freerange? A certain breed? Any specific qualifiers which could influence the name perhaps? Do you want it to allude to health, happiness, a cartoonish view of them, or whatever? One of the funniest terms for eggs I've ever heard is 'cackleberries'.

    Best wishes.
  3. Annadoodles

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    Jun 6, 2013
    I was thinking something sort of cartoonish, that would look appealing to people in my peer group (I'm in high school). Maybe some type of phrase
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  4. AmericanMom

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    Aug 10, 2013
    We raise and sell chickens, turkeys and Rabbits... I have always said it seems we are never done with one project or another.... It was pretty easy when I started selling hatching /eating eggs and such to just name the place Never Done Farm...[​IMG]

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