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    Aug 12, 2008
    I thought some of my fellow BYCers would like this humor. I found this little ceramic egg with feet at Pier 1 while my wife and I were shopping for a housewarming gift for my little sister. I decided to paint on it and give it to her as a little joke gift for Easter. Now the joke is a bit of an inside joke between myself and my sis. She was born when I was 16, so she is my little little sister [​IMG] When she was a toddler I started calling her chicken butt, not sure why, I just did, and I never stopped. Now she is a young woman and has just moved into her first real house. I saw this little egg and saw it had a hole at the bottom between the feet, right where one would expect to find, well... a butt. [​IMG] I figured I had to do something with it for my baby sis, so I painted on it this little saying - "which came first, the chicken butt or the egg butt?" with a little arrow to the "butt" of the egg. We are going to see her this weekend to see her new home and to visit for Easter, and I can't wait to give her the little egg!

    Of course we got her a "real gift", but I like this one better!

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    Never heard that one before [​IMG]
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    Quote:That is so sweet, in the brotherly/sisterly way, lol! My bro does the same kind of stuff to me. It has to do with rabbits but that is as far as I'm going with that story, lol!
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    That's kind of sweet, though.

    I always wanted a big brother.... I think...
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    Jun 4, 2008
    That's really sweet. I'm sure she will like it.

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