EGG-celent Surprise!


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Jul 18, 2016
West Virginia
Good morning everyone!
Just wanted to share the story about my new chicks we hatched about a week ago, not even knowing it!

We have a Rhode Island Red hen who always eacapes from the fence, even though her wings are clipped. We knew she would go over to our flower bed and lay eggs, but we didn't know she was sitting on them!
One day I was walking past the flower bed with my boyfriend and I heard the hen, so I told Dan to go find out where she was laying eggs so we could start collecting them. He went behind the Hostas only to find a little chick head peeking out from under the hen!

We continued to check on her the following days and each day she hatched more.

Now we have her in a cage in the coop with the chicks and she is happier than ever!

I can't believe this is our first time hatching chicks and we didn't even know it!

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I love the story!! Congrats on your first hatch. Is your girl still escaping or is she more settled in now that she's a mama?

we have actually moved her into a cage so she could take care of them without interruption. she was getting irritated with the other animals coming around her babies before we put her in. so no more escaping!

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