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    Okay, I don't remember who mentioned it, but someone on here said that fresh eggs don't have cholesterol at first--it takes about 4 days to develop. Is that true? If so, where can I find some documentation to back it up?

    I repeated this to a couple of friends, and they were like--no way, there's no truth to that at all.

    I do know that eggs are great for you, and that the health benefits of eggs far outweigh any negatives, so can anyone point me to any information about cholesterol contents in fresh eggs?



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    I dont know about that but Dr. OZ last week said that fresh eggs have less cholesterol, because of what they eat. and he said that it is okay if a person eats 1 egg a day that it will not raise your cholesterol he said it is fat that raises your cholesterol . he said that the aha(american heart association) backs this and that people could go to his website or the aha website to find out more. I hope this helps. oh and he said eggs are an excellent sorce of protein. here is the link
    and here is another from the aha
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    I have no idea... but heres my thought on it... I've eaten sooooo many eggs since Aug.4 and when I went to the Dr. for a check up they checked my cholesterol and it was great! She said whatever your doing, keep doing it, cause its working.... I eat what I want, put I dont pig out and I try to cook healthy most of the time, I work out 3-4 times a week plus everyday chores, work in the garden and eat all the healthy goodies from it [​IMG] Heres another thought about eggs.... God made chickens to give us eggs... they are all natural sooooo how can that be bad for you? I dont know thats just my 2 cents............ [​IMG]
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    Not sure how true it is but I was told by a heart patient that his Dr claims fresh eggs under a week old were fine for him to eat.
    According to this Dr cholesterol gets more concentrated as the egg ages.

    It kinda makes sense if you think of moisture loss as eggs get older.

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