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    Yep! I have egg-citment going on here... I have been getting eggs from my Barred Rocks--for weeks, my RIR started two weeks ago and now I have Buff Orpintion eggs... My first layers, always lay in the afternoon...This morning (7:30), I was cleaning out the coop and Big Deloris (BO) came flying in singing a song.....jumped up into the nestbox, fluffed it up a bit and sat down.....Two hours later I go out and find 3 eggs!!!

    Now, I am wondering if my other girls decided morning was ok for laying or if I have three new layers....

    My question: does each hen lay at different times of the day or do they stick to a routine????

    Oh, the egg-citement...... [​IMG] waiting until late afternoon...will be so hard!!!
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    They are kind of like the tide. It takes about 25 hours to form & lay and egg, so if they lay at 7:00 am on day 1, it'll be closer to 8:00 am on day 2, until they skip a day ans start the cycle over. Congrats on the new egg.
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    Now I am really egg-cited! SEVEN (7) eggs today!!! Two RIR, Three BR and two BO!!! Now, if those little blue and green eggs will come---I will be dancing on a cloud....

    It's so nice to share with you all--cause you understand the egg- citement! Dh pats me on the head and says things like: "I guess it's cheaper than therapy!", " If it makes you happy, I am thrilled" ...etc...

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