Egg collecting question- picking from the clutch?

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    Hi. i have a question about collecting eggs when you also want a broody. Is there a set number of eggs the hen/s will need in order to decide to brood? is there any thing that can be done to encourage it? Does the coop have to be a certain way for them to consider brooding?i have been marking the eggs with a date each day and then leaving them out in the box so as to help them build a clutch. is it ok for me to just eat the eggs from the nest now and again until i get a broody or am i doing something wrong? From what i read a fertalized egg wont "set" until after it is brooded for a certain number of hours, after which the hen won't leave. Whereas the egg is in "stasis" until it is set. after about 3 weeks the eggs are no longer fit to eat, am i correct? I'd just like to figure out a routine where i can stll have some eggs now and again yet keep some for the hens so when they decide to make me more chickens they will have a clutch to set on. any info is greatly appreciated. btw, my turkey peeps have turkey pox... joy. luckily they seem to be doing well in spite. hope my hens were innoculated...
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    It is my understanding that you really can't "make" a hen broody. It is a hormonal thing. They either are, or they aren't. Most hatchery hens have had the broodiness, bred out of them. Doesn't mean you won't get an occassional broody, but it is their idea on the timing. You will know when you have a broody hen. She will stay in the nesting box, ruffle her feathers, get kind of puffed up looking and give you a look like you don't even want to know what she is going to do to you (stink eye). At that point, if you have some fertile eggs. Let her keep them.
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    I think what you're doing is okay. Hens can be encouraged to go broody by having a nest around with eggs. That's what has happened to me, on two occasions I couldn't collect eggs for a day and then had a broody.

    I recently came across a really interesting thread in the hatching eggs forum regarding hatching by the moon cycles. It's very interesting that both of my broodies this year set on her eggs in complete agreement with this thought. I think it might be interesting to see if other broodies also seem to set with the moon!
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