Egg collection from the kitchen

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    Just an idea for now. I was thinking about remodeling the coop to be more people friendly but I have limited space. If I moved the feeding system where I want to, it will be under the roost but if I put it where the nesting boxes are, it would be perfect. Problem is what to do with the nest box? Here's my idea. The coop shares a wall (10" thick) with the kitchen. If I put the boxes in this space, 1 box in each 16" space, leaving only 3 or 4 inches insde the coop and put a drop down door in the kitchen that only exposes the top half of the nesting box. The kitchen is the only room in the house I haven't finished remodeling after hurricane Ike wiped us out three years ago. There are no cabinets to speak of yet. Just wondering what yall think before I spring it on the little woman. Keep in mind, I'm just a tad on the red side (redneck that is).
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    That's a very clever idea! Post pictures keep us informed!


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    Quote:It still has to pass the approval committee. I busted out laughing when I thought of it.
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    Sorry, I'm a redneck woman, but not sure I want to collect eggs from inside my kitchen. Would definately run that by the kitchen boss first!!! Surprises may not be good!!! [​IMG]

    Does sound really ingenious though!!!! [​IMG]
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    Sounds good in principal... however the local health department, building department the resident chef extordinair and maid may have other vues on the subject. [​IMG]
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    wheres the recreation in that. The enjoyment is to Go collect the eggs, not have the eggs delivered/[​IMG]
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    Oh well... NEVER MIND, got shot down. I'm allowed to do it in the garage, but that means I'd have to move the coop... and THAT aint happnin'.

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