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    I replied to a similar post, but I wanted to make sure I got some answers.

    My dad's RIRs eggs have recently become very light in color. They went from very dark brown to almost white, in a span of maybe 2 weeks at most. I have read that this could be due to the age of the hens, but they are only a little over 1 year old. It said something to do with the laying cycle, so does this mean they will stay this color? He is planning on selling his reds and getting some brahmas instead (likes the really really big eggs his one hen lays!), but he will have to keep the reds until the brahma babies are old enough to lay.

    So are the eggs doomed to remain this almost white color? I can't see how a 1-year-old hen can be near the end of her 'cycle'? Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of cycle?

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    Egg color fluctuates based on how long they have been laying and I also see a difference in color with the changes in temperature. My penedesencas lay really dark eggs early in the season when they first begin to lay after moulting (its also cold). As the season goes on they tend to get lighter... but not progressively so. They are not as dark as they are in the early months but they fluctuate in color from dark to light and anywhere in between. My wyandottes tend to be more consistent but they too are a bit darker in the early season. I have also noticed that eggs are lighter and more thin shelled when its hot.

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