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  1. AshleyMeurs

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    Apr 3, 2012
    Hi All, so i have some easter eggers and some buffs and some white leg horns, and well of course many of you know they will lay different color of eggs... which has proven to be fun as they are just starting to lay and we are getting a variety of different colored eggs each day! i have heard that the green eggs we are getting are lower in choloeteral and was wondering if any one could shed some light on the the truth behind this topic?
  2. duckie mama

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    Nov 25, 2009
    all eggs have the same amount of cholosterol. I believ the myth started so that those with ee's culd sell their eggs. I unfortunaley have done lots of research on this, including the health services and all eggs have the same amount of cholostrol. But ain't thos green eggs PRETTY!!!
  3. oldrooster

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    if you want less cholesterol use egg whites, that's what egg beaters and other egg substitutes are 99.9% egg whites the rest is coloring, flavorings and chemical preservatives. if you have a dog or cat feed them the yellows otherwise fry it up and feed the hens the yellows.....

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