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    I had read that white eggs are, of course, white and that brown eggs are white eggs with a brown coating and that blue(or blue/green) eggs are blue all the way through and that olive eggs are blue with a brown coating. I have some pullets that are half CCL and half white leghorn and some of their eggs are blue on the outside and white on the inside and some are blue all the way through. I also have some pure CCL pullets but I don't think they are laying yet. Here is a pic of the eggs. Can there be a blue coating too, like a brown coating on the egg?
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    This is my take on it.
    It's basically where in the shell gland the pigment is applied. Those with Araucana genes will have the pigment sites all along the uterus. Most of those with brown shell genes have the pigment sites located after the calcium is applied. There are some brown shell breeds that apply pigment earlier in the shell formation. I have some with brown on the inside.
    Your birds that lay white shells with a blue coating are from that leghorn/CCL cross but don't have the genes for the early pigment application.
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    Thanks, that is cool to know.
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    Peel the white inner membrane off those blue eggs(before the membrane dries)
    and I bet you will see that the entire thickness of the shell itself is blue.

    @ChickenCanoe would love to see a pic of a brown egg that's brown on the inside too.
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