Egg colors and Roosters

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Is there any correlation between the type of Rooster and the color of the eggs??? I have many eggs that have started being speckled!!! I have primarily EEs with a a few RIR and I just got a small flock of Black Copper Marans! I have 3 Roosters with them, a BCM, a Cochin, and an EE I have lovely blue eggs but they are now speckled![​IMG]

    I plan on seperating the flocks in the spring but now it is too cold to build anything! [​IMG] and I have 2 banties brooding!so no big changes.

    Loving life on the farm! thanks for your opinions

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    Mar 17, 2011
    To be honest I'm not sure, All my girls lay brown eggs except for my banties and they lay white or off white and I have several different breeds of roo's 2 Ameracana's and 2 Rumpless but no one is producing speckled eggs.
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    Hmm.... The Easter Egger Eggs are the newly speckled ones? I think researching about EE eggs is a good idea to see if they should be that way. My concern is that rotten Eggs have a speckled coating around them when they are terribly infected. Have you been taking proper care of them? I think you should find an article on the rotten Egg coating and see if that's the case. I hope otherwise, though :) Good luck!
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    The breed of the rooster will not affect what color egg is laid by the hens he is breeding, only the color of eggs laid by hens he has fathered.

    My guess would be the speckled eggs are from the BCM. Lucky you, I LOVE speckled eggs!

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    Nov 13, 2011
    I definitely agree! My Chicken named Harmony had the prettiest speckled Egg! I just adore them....

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