egg colors


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
NE Indiana
when a hen lays an egg is it always the same color? or can is slightly vary in shades. can they be speckeled sometimes but not all. i have a variety of breeds and i seem to be getting alot of different shades of green from my EEs. Thanks, Krista
One of my EEs goes from light green to darker green with speckles sometimes. Also have a Cochin that lays speckled brown eggs once in a while and plain brown the rest of the time. Both of my EEs and Cochins will occasionally binge on oystershells and lay white-speckled bumpy eggs. Strange girls.

Bread treats (stale bread, cookies, pie etc.) & fruit seem to make for paler eggs. Leafy greens == darker colors and more speckles. No idea why.

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