Egg Condition (Whats Up)


10 Years
Aug 9, 2009
Southern Maryland
We have RIR's for laying hens and we have noticed we keep getting porous looking eggs from one hen. We tried to hatch one like this but it failed. Just want to know if we can give something other than oyster shells or laying feed to rid this or do we have a dud hen . Thanks
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by porous. You might check out this link and see if any of the defects mentioned look familiar.

If it is only one hen out of several, I'd think it could be genetic, either something about her egg laying equipment or the way her body absorbs and uses certain minerals, nutrients or vitamins. I would not raise any of her offspring to add to the flock if you consider this a defect.
The egg shell looks porous or splotchy. Cracks open like a normal egg.But when you look at it it has distinct spots/light spots in the shellgiving the porous look.

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