Egg Crack but having hard time?


In the Brooder
9 Years
May 15, 2010
I have one small egg and the chick has cracked 1/2 of the egg but seems to be having a hard time
getting to the other side to get out. This egg is VERY small.. At what point is it ok to help them out
of their shell and would they break blood vessels if i help them at this stage?
my experience has been if I have to help a chick hatch out it usually will not make it in the long run. However it doesnt hurt once its started zipping the egg then you can help it along if need be. Just dont get upset if it doesnt make it. Good Luck!
How is the chick doing now? I'd say go ahead and give it a little help. Enough where the chick will be able to push out on it's one. For ex: chip away at the shell but leave some of the membrane. This way when it does finally push out the chick can do it with ease.

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