Egg cracked... then waxed... now missing/eaten?


In the Brooder
9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Yesterday i found an egg cracked, i thought it was certainly doomed if not already, but i searched on here and found that people have waxed the crack and successfully hatched the egg. So thats what i did.

I did that last night and slipped it back under her wax facing down. Today it's missing, obviously eaten.

Some of the other eggs are sticky and have some hay stuck to them...

I don't think i should have touched it now. Or should have waited atleast till tonight until we finished the incubator. I feel bad now.
Has this happened to others on here and could i expect her to eat her other unhatched eggs?

Thank you
Well, not in a broody, but we have had some eggs eaten...It's funny, some hens will get a taste and go back for more, but others don't get the idea that eggshells contain eggs that they it depends...I'd imagine since she is a broody, she won't try to go after and eat other eggs....If you're worried about someone else in your coop eating eggs, can't help you there. It's a hit or miss.

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