Egg custard receipe?

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    I'm looking for a good egg custard receipe..........................egg custard like my mom used to make!
    I've tried googling 'egg custard', and following a number of on-line receipes.............but they are "not" what
    I'm looking for.
    The custard my mom made was extremely smooth and the custard part of coconut custard
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance
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    Oh man I must have been tired last night and thought I bumped this and posted my recipe and asked for help improving it! now I look and there is nothing here ..I wonder if I posted it under another topic like the Behavior thread or something silly like that [​IMG]

    anyway I adore baked egg custard and worked very hard to get a good one down pat ...but as always I think it could be better and would like you egg pros to share your recipe or tweeks with me if you could? this is such a wonderful comfort food dessert ..not a flan or a brulee but a simple baked egg custard in cups with a golden brown top

    so here you go my version please comment because like any perfectionist while I love this recipe and think it is a good one ..however I want to turn it into a great recipe! I think it needs to be eggier

    you can also sub an artificial sweetener of your choice if you are on a sugar restricted diet
    or you could make this low fat by using reguler milk but well ...I wouldnt ..the sweetener is one thing but the fat is what makes this so good!

    baked custard
    preheat oven to 325 oil or spray six custard cups and put them in a deep baking pan

    2 cups of half and half
    heat it with 1 vanilla bean split and 1 cup of sugar until the vanilla bean exudes its goodness into the half and half and the sugar is dissolved to luke warm and then whisk in four eggs, 1/4 tsp of fresh ground cinnamon (or mace or nutmeg) and a pinch of salt do not overbeat just make sure everything is incorporated together
    I do this in a quart measuring cup so it is easy to pour into the cups

    ok now move quickly here because you do not want to loose your oven heat or deal with moving a pan with full custard cups and hot water in it) so you want to open the oven pull out the rack so you can reach it ..then put the pan and cups on the rack pour the custard into the cups and then pour some very hot tap water (not boiling water) into the baking pan around the cups to fill about half way up the cup (like 1 1/2 inches or so) carefully close the oven

    bake for 20-25 min until set and a little golden on top

    I just turn off the oven and pull the rack out to cool for a bit so it slow cools (and you do not risk spilling or sloshing the water in to the custard) and they do not crack ..when they are easy to handle take the cups out of the water and let set on a rack to completely cool then either enjoy at room temp or chill overnight for a cold custard


    soak just a few dried apricots or dried peaches or dried pears or dried cherries ..any dried fruits you like (but one type seems to work better than a few) in hot water until soft then drain and dice small and add stir in for a fruity custard

    you can also sub half the half and half for coconut milk and add some toasted coconut for coconut custard

    I have made it with ginger as well

    enjoy and please add your recipe here or tell me what I could do to make mine more than just good


    ps if anyone finds this post in an odd place please let me know and I will delete it if I can [​IMG]
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