Egg damage: predator/ pest or not?

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Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
we keep our quail in the garage. There is a small gap at edge of the garage door that could allow a mouse or rat in. So far we have not had any pests, although there was evidence that previous older owners of home had a mouse issue in the past, but successfully got rid of them. We sweep often and keep feed in metal bins. We found this egg yesterday, and I can’t tell if this is egg damage from a quail, or if it might be from a mouse (or rat). The egg had fallen out of the cage and was on the table that the cages sit on when I found it. I found it within 45 min of it being there as I had just cleaned the entire area (cages/tables/floor) thoroughly. Not knowing what it looks like when a mouse or rat eats an egg, I figured I’d ask here. If rodents are thinking this is a place to be we want to dissuade them now.

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