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Oct 9, 2013
I went to close up the coop tonight and noticed this egg in their nest. My White leghorns are just starting to lay. One of them laid a little faery egg today. I think this might be one of their eggs too as they are the only ones that lay white eggs. Here is a picture. Any ideas on what is happening and what I can do to help.
Looks like the egg was laid without a shell and only the under the shell membrane is lying close by, or a very, very thin shell? Make sure enough calcium in feed or supplement oyster shells, and watch for next ones.
I got a couple of these when my girls first starting laying, as well as few "rubber eggs". They were on layer food and had oyster shell, grit, and I saved and crushed eggs shells for them, so we were doing all of the right things. Sometimes it just takes the entire egg factory a while to sync. I was having trouble with one pullet in particular giving rubber and shell-less eggs, and that was in July. It's now September and she lays the nicest eggs - usually large to extra large in size, great color, and she's surprised me with one egg that weighed in at 112 grams and another that was 123 grams. Those eggs contained two complete eggs - two outer whites, two inner whites and two yolks, all within the single shell. That might sound great but it tells me that her timing is still just a little off.

As long as your girls are getting a good diet the factories should sync up soon.
They are on layer feed and I just started then back in on oyster shells (the store was out for 3 weeks) they get grit from the environment. We do give them crushed up egg shells but normally ignore them. I will keep an eye out. Thank you.
I was just coming here to look for the same thing! One of my girls have been laying a weird thin, egg on the ground but I've yet to see who it was. Tonight in the coop, I was doing my regular chicken butt count and saw my girl "poop". It was runny and sloppy and when I investigated, it was an egg. Isn't that odd to have her do that on the perch? She has laid only 1 egg so far and I know it was her as she is my only Easter-egger.

I put crushed eggs in the food as well as grit and they forage on a large garden/grass area. Maybe more calcium? She has 22 other hens to compete with and she is at the bottom on the pecking order.
I would add calcium in the form of oyster shell. Give the oyster shell in a separate feeder so they will take it free choice. Grit just helps them grind their food and doesn't do anything for shell production. And patience....lots of that. All of those shell-less eggs and one of the rubber eggs I mentioned in my earlier post were dropped on the poop deck under the roost. It's almost like they don't realize what's happening.

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