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    Mar 22, 2012
    I have a RI red and she is starting to really tick me off. She was hatched in May 2012 so she's not a year old yet. Just recently she started breaking eggs. At first she only broke the silkies egg, I figured cuz their so small and more frail than the BO eggs. But now she's breaking those eggs too. Rather than changing out my nesting boxes and making them slanted what can I do. I've tried to go out there and get the eggs before she does but now I'm thinking what will happen if one my of hens gets broody? Will those eggs be safe from her. My husband said I just let him kill her and have her for dinner, but she does lay eggs herself almost daily. What should I do?[​IMG]
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    Do a forum search on egg eaters. Somewhere there is a thread on dealing with them. I would suggest separating her from the flock before she teaches the others to become egg eaters. Hanging a flap over the nest opening to partially darken the nest has worked for some. Good luck. It's a bad habit and one that is very difficult to break permanently.

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