egg eaters

It is very difficult to cure this once it has started. One good way is to check your eggs more frequently if you don't already. I know someone on this board who had an egg eater and separated the hens one at a time until he found the culprit and culled her.
new at this so bare with me. do chickens have to have direct sunlight. I have mine in a extra large cage under a lean to or shed. They really don't get alot of direct sunlight. (very little)I can not let them free range.
Hi bobbymx1,

Two points...

First your question:
do chickens have to have direct sunlight


Answer: No. They do not have to have direct sunlight. In fact in hot weather it is important to make sure they have some shade available. If you want them to lay eggs then they do need sufficient light levels for a long enough period each day (I use a photpoeriod of ~ 15 hours) to trick their hormonal system into thinking it is the right season to lay eggs/rear young. Unless your shed is extremely deep what you described should be fine for when daylength is seasonally long enough for egg production. However, when the days grow short in the fall thorugh winter and very early spring you would need some supplemental light to extend the day length. Having said all that, I would suggest that if you can find a way to provide them even a small run where they can enjoy some brighter sunshine their overall disposition and your enjoyment of them may be more assured.

Second: A tip. You indicated that your are
new at this

. I'm going to take that to mean the forum of forums in general. You posted your question about sunlight as a reply in a discussion on egg eaters. You will get more visibility and perhaps more responses and various views to a specific new question if you "Post new topic" from the main section index.

Anyway Welcome! Interest forums are a great place to get info and meet folks. I'm new at this board too but it seems a good place to start with friendly and helpful folks.​
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I read in here that if you put a porcelain egg in there that'll stop them quick!!!! Never done it, my chicks aren't laying yet and hopefully won't eat eggs!), but if you think about it that would make sense. I think you gotta make sure you're getting all the eggs, or just put enough of those porcelain ones in there that they can't resist to giving it a peck. Just an idea!

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