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Mar 15, 2008
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I must have a egg eater or 2 . I am getting about 1/2 the eggs I should. I find a few shells in the nests but not to many to worry about. I put an egg on the floor & they all came up & looked at it a couple pecked it but did not bust it.. any good ways to catch egg eaters?
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Egg eaters are tough to catch. I just helped a friend process an egg eater. He sat out one morning for about 4 hours just watching his birds until he caught the eater red-handed. He quickly whipped out a can of spray paint and sprayed her tail bright pink to mark her. She was processed the next weekend we did meat birds. No more problems with egg eating.

Hope you figure out which one's the culprit. Good luck.
It's tuff. But you want to catch it fast before more start. Thy are very hard to break once they start. I had to build roll away boxes to keep mine from getting the eggs. Try to go out often and check the boxes and you also can look on their beaks for bits of egg or shell
I heard once to blow out and egg and fill it with mustard. Chickens hate mustard. After this they will associate the egg with mustard and won't even think about eating them. Never tried it so I am not sure if it works or not.

Forgot to add that I did try this method for the dogs and it worked like a charm!
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I am an egg eater!!! I hear admission is the first part of recovery>

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