Egg Eaters

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    Jul 2, 2013
    The last few days I have been having eggs eaten..I caught one of my pullets with a video camera doing it, Today my husband is butchering heart breaks & our rooster is a goner too- too much crowing and all day long. I'm not sur eIf i can eat them.
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    Sometimes you can break an egg eater. Using a combination of fake ceramic eggs and those plastic Easter eggs that you can fill with sand mixed with something distasteful and quickly remove new eggs and they may find that the fake ones aren't fun.

    After they're butchered, they taste just like chicken.
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    Dec 5, 2011
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    If it's not to late wait on your hen. I had a terrible run of egg eating this spring. They had the right food extra calcium, (oyster shell). I tried all kinds of combinations from fake eggs to drilling eggs and filling them. First was white bathroom caulk, well they went nuts for it and were chasing each other down to get it. Next I tried unscented laundry detergent, I think they got stoned on this and they ate all of it. Mustard was next and yep that was good as well. So now I will fix their feathers, Hot sauce straight up mixed with black pepper and they loved that as well. No ill effects from all the stuff they ate. I started pulling a few birds and moving them to a new coop but no egg eating. I got sick of moving birds and feared they might teach other good birds to eat eggs. So now I make a roll away nesting box, they started laying on the floor. I was incubating lots of eggs thinking all the birds might have to go. I overlooked one thing. We had a rooster that was so high strung he raised the alarm over anything including me bringing food, a cat walking 15 feet from the enclosed run or any slight noise, the girls joined him in squawking. I got so sick of him, His new name was Coq au vin, yep right to the great coop in the sky. Once I did that my girls went back to being calm and no more egg eating. A rooster going nuts made them eat egggs!

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