Egg eating and not laying in boxes all rolled into one. Please help!


9 Years
Jun 11, 2010
So for the past few weeks some of my chickens haven't been laying in the nesting boxes. Now this isn't a huge deal for most, but they have taken to eating the eggs that aren't in the nesting boxes. What do I do?
My neighbor's chickens were eating their own eggs. Upon closer inspection, all she was feeding was corn. YIKES! Protein is so low, no wonder they are eating the eggs.
We feed them Layena and when we give them scratch we cut it with food. I think it's because when they saw the egg in the middle of the hen house it was foreign and interesting, so they pecked it, and then it was yummy.
Problem is now they know what is inside the eggs and that it is yummy....could move on to the eggs in the boxes too. Better check more frequently...try to get to the eggs before they get a chance to eat em!

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