Egg Eggsperts? :)

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Alright so I went out to my coop yesterday and found a really cool and just assumed it was from my maran. She just recently started laying so she's not on a regular schedule yet and for the same reason, I didn't think much when this egg was in a different box than she has laid all the others. But, I have four dark Brahmas that were 27 weeks old on Sunday and today I went to collect eggs and my maran laid her usual looking one in her regular box. So now I'm thinking this speckled one is from one of m dark Brahmas? Can one chicken lay eggs this different from one day to another? Does this speckled one look like a dark Brahma egg? I know the one on the left is from my maran because I saw her lay it :)

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    I can tell who lays which egg because they are almost always the same shape, the eggs get lighter through the season but the shape doesn't change unless they lay a double yolker. Those are from two different hens, don't know about Brahma egg color though.
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    Yep, coating can change but shape usually stays the same...those look to be about the same shape.
    I think most brahmas lay pretty light brown eggs, sometimes pinkish.

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