Egg Explosion on Hatch Day


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Jan 22, 2016
Hi everyone! I’ve been hatching for a few years now and have not had this problem before.

I have a batch of Black Copper Marans eggs in the incubator and today is hatch day! I just checked on the eggs and saw that one is pipped. However, I also smelled a foul odor and can see that one egg seems to be leaking something. Should I let it be since I can see a pipped egg or will leaving it effect the others hatching? It just so happens to be directly next to the pipped egg. I worry that it will create an even bigger mess if/when the chicks bump into it
Remove ASAP ... Fast in an out won't affect your hatch. When it explodes it will contaminate the rest of your eggs & the incubator will not be fun to clean. When you remove put in a plastic bag & that in another & dispose ASAP. I've had a goose egg explode, not fun at all :he
If you have the means to move the incubator to the bathroom (or any room where you can jack up the humidity) I would Run the shower on hot water with the door closed until the mirror is good an fogged up. At a Space heater if you have it then move the incubator to a very humid steamy bathroom and open it there, find a safe place to put the eggs in the bathroom like a cooler or something, then clean the incubator. Not sure if you have the means to do that but that is what I would do in that situation. Terrible time to have this happen. I am no expert on if this would make it worse or not so if someone with more experience says its a bad idea I would suggest listening to them.

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