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    Oct 8, 2013
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    I've heard people ask what to do with stir-fry leftovers.... and I bet a lot of folks here enjoy egg recipes, so I thought I would post one of our favorites.

    For each egg fu young pattie you will need 2 eggs and a handful of leftover stir-fry. Just put a little oil in a small pan and let it get good and hot. scramble your eggs and put in your veggies. Cook til it gets a little brown around the edges. Flip. Done.

    What really makes it yummy is the sauce you top it with. Take about a cup of chicken or beef broth (sometimes I just use water and a cube of bullion). Dissolve about 2 tbl of cornstarch put it in a pan on medium. Add soysauce to taste and a PINCH of sugar. If you have some sesame oil add a tsp, optional. Stir until it thickens.

    We like it with some chopped green onions or chives on top, and a little sprinkle of sesame seeds. Serve with rice

    I worked in a Chinese restaurant years ago and learned this. It's one of mine & my husband's favorites

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    This is one of my favorites, too. Of course, it can be varied a great deal. I particularly like some roughly chopped fresh mung bean sprouts in the mix. If I don't have leftover stir fry around, I just chop a bit of fresh onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, leftover chicken or pork -- whatever is around. It's a great "use it up" recipe, and of course a great way to use eggs.

    I've seen it served with gravy, but I really prefer a sauce such as you describe. I would have given the same recipe [​IMG]
  3. Noobiechickluv

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    Oct 8, 2013
    Mayberry NC
    Yes, mung bean sprouts, yum! I agree, the variations are endless, and it's so easy. It just seems to be a very overlooked egg recipe.
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    I've never even thought about making egg foo young! My honey likes it occasionally at a restaurant, and I can sure see the appeal of using up leftovers. Thanks!

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