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Aug 22, 2010
Not sure if this is the correct area to post this....but I would love to hear some opinions!

1 - How long are eggs good for in the fridge? (We do not wash our eggs, they are very clean, but if a bit of poop finds it's way onto the egg I use a fine sandpaper to scuff it off.)

2 - When I bring the eggs in, they are often different temperatures, should I let them get to room temp before I put them in the fridge? (some are still warm from having just been laid)

Any other considerations I should think about?


I rinse my eggs right before I crack them into a bowl, I advise my buyers to not wash them till they are ready to use.

I do store mine in the fridge, my buyers are from the city, and they are more comfortable knowing they are chilled...they go right in,
"hot from the oven" and all...small side down (pointy side)

How long are they good for? I have heard up to 7 months, in a sealed container... you can always do the float test...if they sink they are fresh,
if they float, no good.

** Mother Earth News is a good resource for answers as well.

Here is the link.
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The eggs i get off my two are enough just for me and my hubby and i never put my eggs in the fridge i keep them on the side in the kitchen but i guess we use them with in a few days and they do probs last longer in a fridge but you don't buy them from the shops in a fridge!

mine never get poo on them so i never even clean them when i use them lol
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I'm a city girl. I rinse my eggs (my chickens refuse to use the nest box no matter what I put in there) and refrigerate them. Since my girls lay them on the floor in the back corner of the coop they often get poop on them even when I gather them twice a day. I only have three pullets and I know that one of them will lay for me everyday between 11 and 12 so I try to get that one if I'm home. The other two girls are not as regular and only lay every couple days.
I don't think there's any reason for pointy side down unless you plan to incubate.
I don't wash eggs until I am ready to use them and I advise my egg customers to do the same; after explaining to them the reason why they shouldn't wash them.

If you simply must wash eggs you should use water that is at least 20 degrees warmer than the egg itself. Soap or other cleaner is not necessary and *may* give the egg an off taste. Dry thoroughly and refrigerate immediately.

I let my eggs come to room temperature before refrigerating, whether they are coming from a hot coop or a very cold one.

I only refrigerate the eggs I intend to sell. The ones for my family's use and the ones I give to my DSD I don't refrigerate.
Ohhhh my girls would be broken of that habit real quick; even if it meant I had to spend all of my time out in the chicken coop breaking them of it.
I dont keep mine in the fridge, I wash before I use them. My girls lay in the box and are very clean. I collect 3 times a day. I keep mine on the counter next to my scale.


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