Egg Hatching Experience


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
I am about to order Black Copper Marans hatching eggs. This is my first time to try to hatch eggs both with incubator and some hens. Can anyone share their experience on this topic.
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Shipped eggs are not easy - to get a good hatch rate. If this is your first time using a incubator it would be better to start on your own hens eggs or local fertile eggs and much cheaper. If you have already ordered then, plan to let the eggs sit in a egg carton with the small end down to let the air sacks settle and let them come to room temp next to the incubator for 12-24 hours after you unwrap them. Set up and run the incubator for 24 hours or longer before you put any eggs in it to get it regulated. Do a search on "How to Calibrate a thermometer" and "how to calibrate a hygrometer" in the Search Navigator on this site so, you will know if what they are reading is accurate. Good Luck!

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