Egg in vinegar


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
Durant, Oklahoma
Ever try the raw egg, still in shell, soaking in vinegar? It is so cool. You take an egg and put it in a sealed jar full of white vinegar, then sit back and watch. It is supposed to dissolve the shell and leave the inside of the egg intact. The vinegar won't dissolve the membrane inside so the egg is supposed to just like an egg but without a shell.

I'm on day 2 and the vinegar is diffidently eating away at the shell. My 2 year old son thinks it is just amazing. In just the couple of hours, the egg was turning all over the place and has now floated to the top. You can see patches of very thin spot in the egg.

If you have kids, you got to try this.
I will definately try that (have a 5 and 6 year old), it will be a great cheap experiment, I knew about this long ago, but hadn't thought about it in a while. Thanks
Ooh, my five year old would love this. I've never heard of this experiment but now I'm off to research making a lesson out of it!
When I was in high school and taking physiology, we did this experiment when we were learning about the cells and about how isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic solutions affects the cell. We used eggs because it was like a very large cell
Ughhh.....I think I would just GAG!!!! I HATE the smell of vinegar! Don't know why, just always have....sounds like too much fun but I have a HARD time putting 1tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in the chickens waterer! LOL! I have to hold my breath when I do it!
I did it when I was little - the egg actually went kinda of rubbery. I think the vinegar does more than just dissolve the shell - as another poster pointed out, it's an osmosis project. I'm guessing the vinegar (preservative) soaks into the cells of the egg too? Any science 'eggheads' (
) out there who can solve this one?

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