Egg layers in a "Texas Winter"


7 Years
Jul 21, 2012
Austin, Texas
Hi :)

I have a flock of 6 that are all between 6-7 months old. They haven't started to lay yet, and I'm wondering if that has to do with the cold. I live in central Texas though, so "cold" to me is not that cold. All are egg laying breeds, so will they start to lay soon or do I have to wait until the spring time, when things warm up a bit more?

Any knowledge would be much appreciated.
Cold isn't much of an issue for chickens unless it's quite cold and they're tropical type breeds. It's more likely to be the shorter days. Optimum daylight is 16 hours per day for them...their biology slows down with the shorter days. You can add light in the mornings if you choose to and can help support production by giving them extra protein and calcium :)

Oh, and welcome!

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