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    I have a RIR about 2 years old, a few months ago she became egg bound an I was able to get her to lay the egg naturally by soaking her in warm water and keeping her inside. But ever since then, she has been laying soft shell eggs and sometimes taking much longer then her usual time frame to lay. She also just started sleeping standing up and kinda fluffed. She is eating and drinking normally, she is active and has access to crushed oyster shells all the time. She is normally a active layer, always gives me eggs everyday and has never been broody. She seems to be in discomfort when laying or if she hasn't laid that day. Is there something wrong with her reproductive system? And is there something I can do to help her? I don't care about the eggs for me, my chickens are my pets so I just want to get her better regardless of the egg production. Culling is not an option.
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    Egg binding can sometimes cause damage to the cloaca, and then bacteria can enter the reproductive organs, eventually causing egg yolk peritonitis and internal laying. I would do some research on those topics to learn about them. There are hormone shots called Lupon that a vet can give to stop laying, and a hysterectomy can be performed. She also may do okay, but I would learn about it. Here is 1 of many articles you can find by researching here on BYC or by Googling EYP:
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