egg laying question, duck or chicken?

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    Sep 26, 2014
    First, we don't have 'egg layers' per se, but we want all of ours laying as many as possible as we incubate and sell the chicks, but none are exclusively egg layers...

    Second, one of our duck flocks consists of 5 males and 12 females(5 pekins, the rest runners/mixes) which give us 9 XTRA large eggs a day to eat or incubate and hatch...

    I was wondering why people don't, or do they, use ducks more just for egg production...Seems you get bigger eggs and the ducks [are cheaper because they] can free range and feed themselves more than chickens, imo & experience...What are some reasons for chickens over ducks?!?!

    Thanx in advance for any input!

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    I prefer Ducks over chickens in the fact that they lay better and bigger eggs. They free range in a group instead of all over my property. I like chickens over ducks since they don't make as much of a mess and eat less. So I have both! [​IMG]
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