Egg laying question


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Hello...i am fairly new to chickens...(and they are now borderline egg laying..).
The one mainly in question is an ausrolp(sorry bad speller) recently got her along with 2 chicks..she had gone brody and they put eggs under her...
the chicks are now 7 had ONE EGG..a week and a half ago...none since...
about the same time my silkie started laying...the silkie car really stick her beak into where it don't belong..almost bully like...
so i don't know if the austrolp..didn't feel comfortable in the hen house,,and stoped...can they control there egg laying...
Forgive me if my question sounds neive..just though the austrolp would be the queen egg layer...
the silkie had 3 in 4 she seems to have stoped as well
Not sure if this is what is happening, but your hens will stop laying if they go broody.
I Dont know much about broodies as mine are still young yet..but new egg layers are quite unreliable and can be put off laying by newbies in the coops or changing the coop or layout. Two of mine started laying then I added a new young hen plus changed the nest box I am back to one egg every other day
hello chooksinchoppers and chi-rn thanks 4 responding
In this case i don't think it is broodyness...but I am sure I will experience that soon enough...
The funny thing is...I did extend there run...and It was right after that 3 of them layed..was so nothing for days..
I also wonder..I usually through a bunch of weeds in as wondering if something I have thrown in could have had an affect..

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