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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by angusshangus, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Verona, NJ
    The weather has been pretty odd lately... it was low 50s last weekend then got into the mid 70s by mid week. yesterday and today it has been cooler again, high 40s and drizzling. Since Sunday my EE who has been a reliable layer hasn't produced an egg. Can these dramatic changes in weather effect egg laying? She appears to be her normal, happy self. No signs of her being egg bound and nothing odd about her poop. She is basically her normal self except for the lack of egg production!
  2. How old is she? We swing 50 degrees during the day and all of mine have been fine. Last week, we were in the mid 80s for the first three days of the week and then it was snowing Thursday and Friday. If she's free ranging, you might check to see if she has a stash in a hidey hole somewhere. Otherwise, I'd wonder if she's just taking a break? [​IMG]

    If she was acting off, I'd say something could be, but since she's acting normal, I wouldn't panic. Good luck!
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    weather does effect egg production, but sometimes, chickens just take the day off!! [​IMG] I guess they just need a break! So I wouldn't be too worried!!
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    Are you sure she hasn't made a nest elsewhere? I just found 28!!!!!! eggs last night all in one nest under a thick prickly bush. I thought three of my girls had taken a few days off - I was way wrong!
  5. ??? Where is this info? Would you share your resources, please?

    Daylight affects egg production, which is why people add supplemental light during the winter. Fwiw, all of mine kept laying during the winter; we averaged about 6 to 8 a day (out of 13) without supplemental light, but we did boost their protein.

    I have never read any information that says anything about weather affecting egg laying, so I am eager to see this. Thanks! [​IMG]
  6. That is so funny! My friend was complaining that my girls were laying but hers, who were the same age (we got them the same day as day oldies), hadn't done anything yet. I suggested she look under the bushes in her yard, and sure enough, there was a nice little stash there. We had one (before they knew what they were really doing [​IMG] and starting going back into the nesting boxes) lay under hunny's bbq- she'd go in there in the opening between the house and the backside of the grill. Fortunately, the cabinet door opened on the other side. She was none to happy to have been peeked in on, lol.

    They are sure funny!
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    Sorry, I didn't really mean weather specifically, but if its been raining, or cloudy there's less light. That's what I meant to say [​IMG] If it was raining hard, or even if there's lightning or thunder, the chickens could be a little stressed. [​IMG] Sorry about the mix-up
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    EEs aren't the top of the list of layers. They like to take breaks. Mine started one in mid January went thru February. She's laying good now.[​IMG]
  9. Gotcha! I am not in a climate where cloud cover affects at all............ [​IMG]

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