Egg laying schedule off


Mar 25, 2020
So I had to take a few days and go from AL to CT for a funeral

my wife and daughter took care of my ducks while I was gone. The ducks know them, but don’t particularly like my wife and daughter heh

while I was out my duck Peep, who is particularly attached to me and particularly hates my wife and daughter, didnt lay any eggs while I was gone for 5 days.
When I got back peep ran over and snuggled up to my leg and would not let go til I picked her up and snuggled her

She laid the day I got back, but had been erratic.
She has been an egg machine since she started laying in June. I think there have been 3 total days she hasn’t produced an egg. But I have been back a week and have only gotten 3 eggs from her.
All my ducks are off. They used to lay between 3-5 AM every day and at least 5 of the 6 females would have an egg. Now they lay at all times. Morning, noon and night. And not all every day. I get 2-4 eggs a day now instead of 5-6

Is that the norm now? Will they go back to their old schedule eventually?

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