Egg laying slowed down

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    I have 7 young hens and by October last year they were all laying. I was getting 5 to 7 eggs every day. I had a light on between about 7am and 9pm over most of the winter and they kept this up until about February. At that point I decided to give them a break so I started shutting off the light at 5. Some of them stopped laying and didn't re-start until the end of May. Problem is that now I'm getting only about 3 eggs a day. Today I got only 1. This shouldn't happen, right?

    They roost in the garage and I've only ever seen evidence of egg eating on one occasion. I doubt very much that vermin are eating the eggs. They get free access to layer crumbles plus the odd fruit and bagels. I don't think any are over-weight but I'm not sure how to check. They have access to crumbles and water inside the coop but not in the run. They get their fruit and bagels in the run. There are 3 nest boxes.

    Any ideas what could be going on?

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    Oh sure it will! As it gets warmer egg production will usually slow down quite a bit. Sometimes it will stay the same. Mine on the other hand picked up, but then again our flock are spoiled! Egg production slowing & even stopping is normal. Don't stress it will pick back up.
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    I'm leaving on the AC tonight. See if I get more eggs tomorrow.

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