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    May 11, 2008
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    Well the Delightful Dozen are well into their sixth month and we are now getting eggs regularly from some of the DD.
    The EE and RIR are producing nice sized eggs on a regular basis. But the GLW are sporatic and seem to have rather small eggs. The Austalorps seem pretty random and the BR are not showing us anything - no eggs, no visits to the nest box.
    Any ideas? BR are supposed to be laying by now and the GLW are supposed to produce good sized eggs. What might be going on? We only get 4 - 6 eggs a day from the DD!
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    Hi their Neighbor! I will tell you that chickens are gonna do what they wanna do no matter what anyone says. We have 6 hens, and I believe they are all laying because we have had such a variety of eggs. However, the most we have had in one day is 4 and that was only once. I am hoping for a 6 egg day someday.
  3. We have Barred's that didn't start until they were 26 weeks, a Buff Orp that just started at 27 weeks. Then we have Leghorns and New Hampshire that started at 23 weeks. Be patient, they will start when their bodies are ready to. Makes you want to go out there and give them a squeeze doesn't it?[​IMG]

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