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So I was thinking it would be awesome if one of you Chicken Fanatics who has many different breeds, would start a Egg of the month club. People interested could pay like a $25 monthly due to you, and in return you send them 6 eggs to hatch, and every month would be a different breed. So lets say you have at least 12 breeds, so for a year you could send each member 6 eggs of a certain breed. Then we all can talk on the same thread about our experiences with the breed of that month! If somebody did this, even for only 6 months or so, I would be the first to sign up! Any Takers?
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I thought so, and it would be good money for whoever decided to start it, just getting ten people to do the club for one year each @ $25 a month would bring in $3000 a year, minus shipping costs of course. And I'm sure if somebody had the eggs available they could get way more than ten to sign up!
Also you could maybe throw in Duck or Quail eggs for one month if you had them. Just a thought if someone had more than just Chicken Eggs!
Lots for a potentail seller to keep track of and people to contact if something happens and your hens stop laying.

You'd be able to do basically the same thing by buying a different breed each month from sellers who post them for sale.

I have several different breeds but wouldn't want the headache that would go along with something like that.
I may. If you can, don't get to sad or excited yet. Let me have a few days to see if I can iron out some of the details and get the needed paperwork and computer programs together. You are correct though. it would/will be great fun.
If you could make it work, that would be awesome, but if not I completley understand! And you know, even if for some reason the hens decided to stop laying for a month, I'm sure everbody would understand, you could just apply their monthly dues to the next month. But if you have enough breeds to pull the club off, I wouldn't think they would all stop laying at the same time, would they?
Anyway, give it a thought. Thank you for Considering!
My SIL sent me to check this out. Between us we probably have over 600 birds. She thinks this is doable. If there is enough interest we could try it. I think there would need to be ten or twelve minimum willing to commit to a three month trial. If that goes well we could extend it and offer a discount to the original members. If it doesn't we end at three months and no one's feelings get hurt.
I would be happy to Sign Up as your first member. If I were you I would start a New thread, titled something like "Egg Of the Month Club Looking For members" to see if you can get enough people together. Let me know if/when you start it up! I hope it works out, i think it would be so much fun.

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