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  1. [​IMG] Found the inside of an egg on the coop floor this morning but no shell, just got bad from checking again and found the shell in the nest box but it was real thin and had just the whites with it, will this be a big problem or is it just something that happens, don't want it to be a everyday thing ya know.
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    That is strange the shell was in the box and the egg on the floor. As long as you cleaned it up before they ate it (I'm surprised that they did'nt) you should be fine. Can't think why the two where not together though.
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    It happens... specially if your pullets just started to lay.
    Mine still do occasionally, after 6 months.

    Make sure they have oyster shells and are on layer feed!
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    Are your chickens new layers? Occasionally they will have some thin shelled eggs that break. My layers are 1 and 2 years old, and this even happens to them occasionally.

    If you start seeing alot of thin egg shells, then it's a good idea to supply them with a container of crushed oyster shells that they can eat if they want it.

    This happens from time to time.....Just keep your eye out.....
  5. Thanks for the info, I had seperated my rir's want somemore the natural way, I forgot to put oyster shell with them but now they have it and haven't had a problem sense, thanks again.

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