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    Feb 2, 2015
    At day 18 when you turn the egg turner off, do you: 1) leave the eggs in the egg turner in the upright position or 2) take them out of the turner and lay them on their sides just on the grated floor of the incubator? If its #2, do you put something around the eggs to ensure they aren't rolling around when it's neighbor hatches/starts walking around? I ask because my last batch of 4 eggs, 1 hatched beautifully (sort of I needed to pull its umbilical out of the shell due to it dragging the shell around), 2nd one pipped but got rolled from #1 waddling all around (it didn't make it/ died in shell), and #'s3&4 never came out at all (day 25 I cracked above the air sack & saw no mov't inside membrane, eggtopsy showed pipping position great and yolk was mostly absorbed). So, I'm wondering if chick #1 affected the other 3's death?
    2nd ?: If the umbilical cord was stuck to the shell, is that an indicator of too low of humidity?
    Thanks all!
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    I am doing my 4th hatch and locked down was yesterday. I candled them and drew the air sack so could place them sideways with the dip of the air cell up.The eggs roll around alot and Ive never had one not emerge because it was upside down. I place a few papertowels down on top of the grate. Maybe your baby hatched a little early or the temp was too low and thats why the cord stuck. My chicks haven't had that problem but one had a large blob dragging behind. It dried up and fell off before I placed her in the brooder. I have a forced air LG syrofoam with turner. Hope this helps.
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    I remove mine from the turner. I use the rubbery no skid shelf liner on my wire floor and lay them on that. I also mark my air cells and lay them with the longer side of the air cell up. The first hatchers are going to knock into the others regardless of what you do, in theory it should not effect the hatch of the other eggs. My last hatch I had 7 or 8 jumping around in there before I had a chance to move them to the brooder and out of the 16 that were in there I only had 3 not hatch. One due to shrink wrapped in the shell, one to I believe drowning in the shell and the last I haven't a clue.
    I have only had one chick that had a problem with the "umbilical cord" and that was my very first hatch and that hatch was a bust because of my thermometer being way off and the temps being significantly lower during the entire hatch. I just let it dry and a couple days later I cut the dried piece off closer to the tummy. He was ok.
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    I remove them from the turner and lay them on their side. The other chicks rolling them around doesn't affect them.

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